Its so exciting to me to know you all are out there!​

​I just can't wait to meet with other therapists who are also engaged in or interested in DBT and using your discipline to strengthen skills.

​Take the leap!

​"Hi Deborah

I just got your book Music Activities & More for Teaching DBT Skills and Enhancing Any Therapy. I am super excited! I would love to meet you! Yesterday during my DBT Skills group on Pros/Cons, I used your song with my teenage patients!

I am a music informed DBT therapist ... I am not a MT, though I do use music as a tool in groups. I consider myself a "Music Therapy Ally." It's been a long journey leading to where I'm at now. I am enrolling in grad school this Fall."

Libby Arsenault 

​​And I also hear from DBT therapists who are using music with their skills groups

Deborah Spiegel MT-BC

Join our very own consultation team meetings for music therapists, art therapists, dance therapists, etc. who are working in DBT.  Our meetings are structured yet flexible enough to addresses the needs of each group member!

What would most serve you? What ways can we support each other?

"By pairing the skills of the traditional DBT modules with Music Therapy interventions, I have been better able to meet my clients where they are at and provide skills for them to move to a better place. Music Therapy is able to provide a bridge for teaching skills to those hard-to-reach clients in creative ways.

After working in health care for over 10 years, I am very excited to see the partnership of DBT skills and MT interventions emerge as what is sure to be a frontrunner in best practices of care. Both DBT and Music Therapy are established practices that complement one another well, moving practice to a new level."

​Kirsten Sorensen, MT-BC

Come to your first meeting for FREE and explore being part of the DBT consultation team for music therapists and allied health professionals.

Together we're better. 

Can't wait to see you online.

We look forward to you joining us

on the second Sunday of the month

at 4:30 Pacific, 5:30 Mountain, 6:30 Central, 7:30 Eastern time.

​Don't worry, we'll make it affordable.

The Spiegel Academy: Music Therapy Continuing Education CMTE Credits

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to your first online DBT Consultation Team Meeting

for Music Therapists and Allied Health Professionals!

Sometimes I wish I had someone to discuss a skill or an experience with.

Have you ever felt that way?

In DBT they have consultation team meetings where the staff of a DBT team meet to discuss patients, issues, and DBT related things.

My passion for DBT informed music therapy drives my motivation in offering classes that support DBT getting out there in the music therapy world in a way that makes it so that more of us can make a difference in more lives through DBT skills and music (and other allied disciplines).  My passion has also started some research to validate what we know to be valuable, the use of music to teach and reinforce DBT skills. 

I have been teaching CMTE workshops and online classes on DBT informed music therapy since 2011. It started out with live workshops that people were requesting all over the country. One led to the next. At one point I was flown out to California 9 times to train the rehab therapy department at each of the California State Hospitals. (This included music therapy, dance therapy, art therapy, and recreation therapy.)

I started teaching online in 2012 and expanded from the one class to the many. In response to requests for more in depth training and certification, the online programs have evolved.

This is a huge opportunity for you to be a part of creating and participating in a peer support team that not only helps our clients, but us therapists too. 

We can be a team that helps each other be the best at  integrating and utilizing DBT with Music Therapy and other allied professions- Using our disciplines to strengthen DBT skills and helping our clients create a life worth living.

Connect with new ideas, be a part of a team that helps each other brainstorm about difficult situations, practice skills in a new light. The list goes on and on.

Think about how amazing we can be together, sharing and learning from each other

YES. Together we are better.

We started our own- online!  Want to come? 

​I get tons of emails from music therapists who are using DBT and music therapy.   

Are you a music therapist or allied health professional who works with Dialectical Behavior Therapy in your practice? 

​You are invited to attend a FREE online DBT consultation team meeting for music therapists and allied health professionals.

 Lets create a community where we support each other!