Option 1:  Choose 3 of the following Classes (List A)

Designing Music Wellness Classes for Your Community 3 credits
Hospice 101: An Introduction to Hospice Music Therapy  3 credits
Trap Doors in Electronic Data: Ethics & Legalities in PHI Security for the (Self Employed) Therapist 3 credits

Option 2:  Choose 2 of the following Classes (List B)

Writing Music Therapy Goals & Objectives 4 credits
Attuning -Making Connections through Music 5 Credits
Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice 5 Credits
iPad and iPhone: Clinical Applications in Music Therapy 5 Credits
Intro to Banjo for Music Therapists and Teachers 5 Credits
Social Skills Training for Children through Music Therapy 5 Credits
Speak so the Power of Persuasion is on Your Side and Your Practice Grows! 5 credits
Song Writing 5 credits
The Voice as a Tool for Healing Emotional Wounds 5 Credits
Tools for Effective Guided Imagery 5 credits
Website Essentials for the Music Therapist 5

Option 3: Choose 1 of the following Classes (List C)  plus 1 from List B

Archetypal Music Psychotherapy: A Depth Approach to the Creative Expressive Arts 6 Credits
Neurologic Strategies for Speech & Language for Individuals with Autism and Other Special Needs 6 credits
Improvisation for Use in Music Therapy 6 credits
Music Therapy for Chronic Pain Management 6 credits
Music Therapy in Special Education 6 credits
Music Therapy in the Preschool Classroom 6 credits
Verbal Counseling and Psychotherapy Techniques for Music Therapists 6 credits

Option 4: Choose 1 of the following Classes (List D) plus 1 from list A

The Art of Self-Health for Healthcare Professionals 7 credits
Engaging Seniors through Musical Improvisation 7 credits

Option 5: Choose 1 of the following Classes (List E)

DBT Practical Life Skills Reinforced through Music Therapy 10 credits
Guitar: Rhythm and Accompaniment for Stylistic Playing 10 credits
Music Therapy with Kids and Teens 10 credits
The Keys to Working with Difficult Clients 10 credits

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The Spiegel Academy: Music Therapy Continuing Education CMTE Credits

Inner Circle CMTE Value Package Class Options

Here are the different combinations of classes you can select for the Inner Circle CMTE Value package. 

(Keep in mind that this list will grow as new classes are added each year).