“Deborah does amazing work with clients using Guided Imagery, Music Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. She helps them to find an inner strength that helps them through tough times, writes music to fit the client's situation and using therapeutic skills, and teaches coping skills for emotion regulation, core mindfulness, increasing interpersonal effectiveness, and tolerating distress. She can reach the client in creative and new ways.” ​ Kerri Johnson, Recreation Therapist

"Deborah is very creative and patient oriented.  She puts a lot of energy into working with patients.  She integrates music therapy and DBT extremely well.  She is very validating of the patients and is able to draw them out and give them hope.  Her imagery work is very good." ​ Miles Dial, PhD, Psychologist

" I am the child psychiatrist on the Locked Adolescent Unit at Colorado Mental Health Institute of Pueblo.  In this position, I have had an opportunity to work with and observe the work of Deborah Spiegel.  I worked with her for six months in 2010. Deborah has uncommon creativity and ability as a therapist.  She has worked with some of our most disturbed adolescents in a very effective way to help them heal.  She has been a valued member of the treatment team." ​ Dr. Roger Pumphrey, Psychiatrist

"I have known Deborah Spiegel as a Music Therapist at the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo.  Through our work with adolescents who have been admitted to the inpatient psychiatric unit, Deborah has provided invaluable treatment as a Music Therapist.  She has often been able to assist patients with healing from traumas and finding/developing inner strength to address their treatment.  Further, she is a skilled DBT group leader.  She is a great asset to any treatment program." ​ ​ Deborah Pool, LCSW, Social Worker

"Deborah is a caring, knowledgeable and dedicated trainer. She has creatively integrated music & DBT to enhance the strengths of both. I recommend attending and/or offering Deborah's DBT & Music workshops!"​ ​ Sally Bonkrude, MT-BC, Professional Counselor, Performance Coach, Presenter

"Deborah Spiegel meets individually ​ with each client and together,using her training in music therapy, hypnotherapy, and imaging, they develop unique, individualized strategies for stress management.  Her clients frequently mention their new techniques as favored skills  These personally designed strategies are created based on existing strengths and build new self-respect. Deborah has written songs that help youth solve their problems.  I once suggested to an adolescent that we listen to one of the songs to reinforce a skill.  The adolescent responded enthusiastically, 'I love that song!' So do I! And I recommend Deborah Spiegel's work" ​ ​ Pat Berrins, Physicians Assistant

Professional References for Deborah Spiegel MT-BC, CCHt